Beasts of KebEdit


Dune Sea x2

Quicksand x3

Singing Sands x1

Torrential Rains x3

Windtrap x4

Worm Nursery x2


Blood Worm x3

Defender of Keb x2

Desert Ant x3

Great Worm x1

Keebo Soldier x3

Kekkik x1

Khepra x1

Sand Crawler x2

Sandwhip x3

Scarab Swarm x3

Scorpion Swarm x2

Sky Warrior x2


Keebo Greatsword x2

Keebo War Banner x1

Wisdom of the Sand x1

Worm Cowl x2


Foresight x2

Spring Solstice x4

Wind at our Backs x3

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