The idea behind this deck is early speed combined with late game draw cards power. The influx of cards drawn are used to pay for conundrums and kildar strip mine usages. It also helps this deck is primary a "flight" deck with all but 4 creatures having the ability.

Lets first look at the draw engine core behind the deck:

Burial Grounds 3x (I used to have 4x but now 3x because i was simply drawing too much card and could sacrifice a slight draw power for more flexibility in the deck) This card is what creates big draw oppertunities.

Cub Den 3x This card is beautifull as it creates oppertunity for you to choose if you need more draw or if you need fatigue to stop a dangerous opponent creature etc. Its vital for the draw engine but also causes flexability in the deck, and stability in what cards you will get every game.

Worm Blood 4x The beating heart and lifeblood of the deck. This is what creates speed, draw..everything. This common card actually makes the whole deck work and is the "oil" of the draw engine. It creates speed advantage as it is not affected by "sleeping" when summoned and it also creates draw and increases damage of your fliers. In an emergency it can be used on opponent creatures if you need draw combined with burial grounds.

Ok so draw engine is 10 cards total. We still have 30 cards to play with and here obviously you can choose many options. Here is what i choose for scenarios:

Torrential Rains 1x: Late game stopper. At its cost i dont want to many of this and its most effective the more creatures it affects. Only 1 for low chance of drawing early.

Singing Sands 1x currently nerfed from 2 resources so now only a lategame powerhouse when you have lots of resources and can swarm units with it combined with draw engine. Thats why only 1 in my deck so i have a low chance of drawing it early.

Quicksand 4x: Until the balance on friday this is still a strong card at 1 resource it can stop a lot of aggresive decks. I will probably change this out later.

Kildar strip mine 3x: This creates resource advantage at draw disadvantage. But given this decks draw power its worth the cost for the added speed. 3x might be too many. Could be that 2x is enough. Depends how much your deck is focused on early turns kills. I feel this card sometimes is good sometimes not so i dont want it too often in my deck. 2x might be the future option of this one. But i am currently trying 3x.

Then the creatures:

defender of keb 2x: This is in my deck because its my profile picture (heh) no seariously its quite a good card with the parry ability, pair that with the worm blood card and you have a solid creature. Saved me a lot of games. Its quite expensive so i dont want too many of this card. 2x is ok. I am considering only 1x but I love the artwork of this card so I have 2 of them even my deck might be more refined without it.

Hyterian Taskmaster 1x: Expensive but there to get nightmare if needed. 1x seems to be perfect for this fellow who often end up beeing drawed at the right late game moment where i was looking for a nightmare.

Keebo Soldier 1x: 3 resources. Until i can find a better option this keb flyer will be included in my deck.

Hyterian Agent 4x: Very strong card at only 1 resource, and since you are deterimened to be aggresive the 2 health is not a big deal. I pretty much love this card.

Sandwhip 4x: The early game aggresive card. Love the flexbility haste gives. Sometimes i suprise my opponent by deploying in his turn etc.

Sandwhip and hyterian agent is what i call the "aggresive core" of the deck. The rest of the cards are more flexible and can be changed depending on the metagame currently.

Then we have the very importent attachments (excluding worm blood that I have allready discussed in the draw engine section)

Nightmare 1x to stop serious problems and to draw more cards. I often use this only for very powerfull creatures so feel i dont need more than 1x of this as it can be found by creature and tends to be available when its needed. 2x could probably be more efficient.

Fatigue 1x: This is very very solid in this deck. Speed and cheap and helps the draw engine and stop monsters. If i could get my hands on more i would probably have 4x and drop the nightmare and brambles.

Brambles 1x: This is not really needed i only use it for getting achivement with brambles. Tends to be thrown into the graveyard with my strip mines....

Finaly events:

Betrayal 1x: Beautifull card but be carefull of counter events, preferably you have your own counter at hand. I cant count how many games this card have saved me from defeat and caused victory instead. 1x is actually enough as this is only needed to grab that vital creature that is causing a weakness in your deck.

Burrow 4x: Beautifull card that have card draw and alligance with keb. Only 0 resources and have so many uses: You can delay sleeping cratures one more turn. You can remove attacking creatures who will stay locked next turn also. You can use it for offence to clear the way of defending creatures (best use is the moment they block so you get the lock next turn) and you can use it to remove block of a very high damage creature of your own. Finaly if your targetted by spells you can use it to counter that spell by removing your own creature for a turn, or the opponents creatures can be removed before affected by a spell. Also if you have 0 health you can remove your own creature so it will be healed instead of death (it comes back around intot he healing phase instead of death phase.) ALl in all it is the same type of card like worm blood: Flexible, Fast, Fierce (deadly) Any card having the three F's are worht looking into.

Conundrum 1x: Also saved me countless times, gives me a free counter that gives speed but sacrificing a bit draw. Works wonders and saved me many games. 2x conumdrum tends to be too much and leaves you with unused cards.

To summarize my deck:

Burial Grounds 3x

Cub Den 3x

Quicksand 4x:

Kildar strip mine 3x

Torrential Rains 1x

Singing Sands 1x

Worm Blood 4x

Nightmare 1x

Fatigue 1x

Brambles 1x

Betrayal 1x

Burrow 4x

Conundrum 1x

defender of keb 2x

Hyterian Taskmaster 1x

Keebo Soldier 1x

Hyterian Agent 4x

Sandwhip 4x

Made by: Willburn

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