The idea behind this deck is speed combined with early tempo advantage. The deck is more specialized against slow decks that dont do much at the start of the game, but is still able to handle faster decks. The deck strategy is to be as fast as possible while delaying your opponent as much as you can.


The creatures on this deck are mostly 1 cost with 3 damage, which makes for fast game plays, normally this creatures aren't good but because i use many of them, a swarm of them can be useful. Because your atack, defense and life of those creatures really, really suck, your strategy is to be unblockable as much as u can so you dont loose your creatures and you deal damage to your opponent fast.

4x Hyterian Agent, 4x Highland Ram, 4x Blood Worm: The creature core of the deck, they make a good first turn play while doing a lot of damage if unblocked.

4x Sandwhip: Really good card, cost 1 more res but have more damage and haste REALLY helps.

4x Pride Scout: His damage isn't so good but the reason his on this deck is to draw me lands so I can have less lands on the deck, although low damage he has a good atack/defense.


The events on this deck are mostly to delay your opponent and to ensure your creatures can't be blocked.

4x Withdraw: Cheap card for delaying your opponent while making them unable to block your creatures, is cheap enough to be used in the deck.

4x Evacuate: As i have a low count of lands in the deck, and my cards are cheap i can use that to my advantage so my opponent finds it difficult to put big cards into play.

2x Hyterian Influence: Used to ensure your creatures can't be blocked while being cheap and having insight, good filler card.

4x Wages of the Black Turtle: The BOMB of the deck, with this card i can make one more "atack", i can sacrifice my creatures to end the game or to destroy my opponent lands. This is the main reason this deck can win, problem is : it is an allegiance card.


As you can see, i needed a way to be able to use wages of the black turtle, while not using ANY card of the silath faction. That's why ALL my lands are cheap lands of the silath faction, so with at least one land in play i can use Wages. It doesn't really matter with 0 cost silath lands u use, u just need 6 of 'em. I use:

4x Farmstead, 2x Nesrian Rainforest: Just normal silath 0 res lands to be able to have some resources and use the Wages.

Made by : Lozober

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