Yes, this is a Sedition deck. But a different one, specially made to disrupt almost any creature based deck.

The goal is as always : make the opponent have 7 or more cards in hand and then use sedition to get a big chunk of his life. But as you can only have 4 seditions in the deck, u need to find a way to get them fast, that's why the deck is called Draw Control, because of his awesome engine that makes u draw at least 30 cards of your deck per game.

Control part:


4x Fatigue: One of the best (if not the best) atachments in the game, costing 0 it is your main force against creatures. (creatures with atack less than 1 can't atack)

3x Nightmare: Another wonderfull atachment that can't be countered and just locks down a creature.


4x Recall: Awesome card to return all your opponent creatures to their hand, helping get 7 damage out of sedition and helping you when the board gets too clogged and u dont hv more atachments( remember, the atachments return to you, so you can play them again).

1x Respite: Just one to work as my 5th Recall.

4x Conundrum: You will have bunch of cards in your hand so discarding a card doesnt matter as long as you can protect yourself and your event cards.

3x Foresight: More counters as 4 isnt enough.


3x Shaded Impasse: A scenario that can block creatures and cost 1, why not??

2x Cub Den : Scenario that can get your fatigue, making you actually draw a card and prevent a creature for 1.

1x Grave Robbers: When you are discarding cards, max on hand is 7, you will be discarding some atachments. With this card u can always take them back.

Draw Engine:

4x Burial Grounds: This card, combined with fatigues, nightmares and recall means i am drawing frequently lots of cards, since every recall i make i will use the atachments again.

2x Mass Productions: With this card i can make my opponent get just enough cards so he can have more than 7 cards.


4x Sedition: The name sake of the deck, what would you think?

1x Binding Contract: If your opponent have a big creature, why not making him work to your favor?

1x Earthquake: Just a big finisher in case your opponent gain lots of life. Against a creature based deck, chances are that they wont be able to do damage against you.

Other Cards:

3x Logistics: Just to make sure you will have the right scenario, at the right time.

Problems with the deck: The deck have only 6 cards that deal damage, meaning that if the opponent gets too much life( he uses a life engine) you might not be able to do enough damage to kill him. Yes, that's sad.

Made by Lozober

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