Anarchy x 2

Conondrum x 4

Espionage x 4

Farmstead x 4

Foresight x 4

Khan's Boon x 4

Mass Production x 4

Political Manouevers x 4

Recall x 4

Respite x 4

Sedition x 4

Shaded Impasse x 4

Temperance of Khan x 4

This deck is all about drawing more cards and making your opponent suffer for it. Mass Production coupled with Political Manouevers can have your opponent and you drawing up to 8 more cards per turn. If you add in the 4 Temperance of Khan you could doing up to 36 damage per turn. Shaded Impasse is there so you can block creature when you dont have recall or respite in your hand. Respite and Recall are great at prevent attacks with Recall having the added advantage of sending all your opponents creatures back to there hand. Which brings me to the direct damage dealing events Anarchy and Espionage are cheap and do decent damage plus Espionage steals your opponents capital. Sedition is the biggest direct damage card in the deck. With all the drawing your opponent and you will be doing your pretty much garunteed to deal 7 damage each time you use it. Khans Boon is in the deck as help incase your not getting the cards you need but will also do damage if you have Temperance of Khan in play. Foresight and Conundrum are there to make sure your seditions and other damage dealing card are not countered. And the best part about this deck is that the highest costing card only cost 4 resources so even though you might start out your turn with 12 cards or more in hand you'll probably be able to play them instead of discarding them. One thing to remember when playing with this deck is that Temperance of Khan is also going to do damage to you so its advisable not to use it unless you know that you can live through it. Nothing sucks worse than losing due to your on card.

By Ryco2113

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