Daemon BotEdit


Burial Grounds x1

Daemonic Invasion x1

Farmstead x1

Gray Mountain x1

Kildar Ore Mine x4

Nabreen Woodland x1

Savanna Grassland x1

Slaves of Demod x1


Berserker x1

Brinor x1

Chaos Bringer x1

Dancer of Death x2

Dark Fanatic x3

Fire Merc x2

Hell Hound x1

Kaeno x2

Mantidae Warrior x2

Nettling Horde x2

Nominod x4

Warmonger x1


Conquest Spear x2

Deception x3

Demod Battle Gear x2

Nightmare x3

Slave Collar x3


Betrayal x2

Foresight x2

Lightning Strike x2

Seize Control x2

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