Draga BotEdit


Burial Grounds x1

Farmstead x1

Flood x2

Gray Mountain x2

Heightened Patrols x1

Kildar Ore Mine x1

Nabreen Woodland x1

Steel Mill x1

Supply Tunnels x4

Windtrap x1


Adren Daemon Bane x1

Avenger of Ancestors x1

Destroyer of Darkness x1

Draga Nomad x4

Hunter of Evil x1

Korg x1

Mountain Wolf x4

Slayer of Daemons x2

Veteran Bodyguard x2


Bolter Rifle x1

Elite Fighter x1

Flak Jacket x1

Growth of Titans x1

Influential x1

Saurian Crossbow x1


Foresight x2

Lightning Strike x2

Vanishing Fog x2

Warp Tempest x2

Withdraw x1

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