Saurian BotEdit


Farmstead x3

I' Alis x1

Khan's Garrison x1

Khan's Tomb x1

Mass Production x2

Nesrian Swamp x2

Supply Tunnels x4


Acolyte of the Black Turtle x2

Black Turtle Spawn x1

Chosen of Khan x1

Cleric of the Faith x2

Fighter of Khan x2

Kangar Knight x2

Nesrian Prowler x3

Noble Vanguard x2

Righteous Defender x2

Saurian Acolyte x3

Saurian Marauder x2

Storm Dragon x1

Swamp Dragon x1

Swamp Flies x1


Black Turtle Armour x2

Saurian Broadsword x2

Saurian Crossbow x2

Temperance of Khan x1

Turtleshell Blade x2


Foresight x2

Khan's Boon x3

Khan's Corruption x4

Warp Tempest x2

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