Slarv BotEdit


Araneae Den x1

Clan Alliance x1

Dense Canopy x1

Tribal Settlement x3

Waylay x1


Araneae Goff x1

Astral Walker x4

Black Widows x2

Carrion Bird x2

Cave Stalker x1

Forest Swarm x2

Glasvark x2

Hunter Gatherer x3

Keshan Tash-Mar x1

Plague Tarb x1

Slevii x1

War Boar x2

Wild Tarb x2


Air Trap x1

Brambles x2

Decay x1

Deception x1

Forest Spawn x1

Hunting Bolas x2

Trauma x1


Blood in the Water x1

Foresight x2

Lightning Strike x2

Treachery x1

Winter Solstice x3

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