Spirit WorldEdit


Call to Arms x2

Goar-Rora x3

Great Plains x4

Hunting Grounds x1

Savanna Grassland x4

Spirit Link x1

The Great Hunt x1


Cub Warrior x2

Fel-Sharg x2

Goar Wraith x2

Graan, Lord of Felnin x1

Guardian Spirit x2

Night Phantom x2

Prairie Wisp x2

Pride Defender x2

Pride Scout x2

Roaming Spirit x2

Spirit Driver x2

Spirit Reaper x1

Warrior of the Fang x3


Fighting Claws x2

Spirit Bracers x3

Spirit Whip x1

Temple of the Fang x1


Betrayal x2

Foresight x2

Sedition x2

Summer Solstice x3

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