Swarm BotEdit


Ancestral Monument x1

Burial Grounds x1

Farmstead x1

Gravity Field x1

Gray Mountain x1

Imperial Training Camp x1

Infested Sewers x2

I' Alis x1

Kildar Ore Mine x1

Nabreen Woodland x1

Supply Tunnels x2

Tax Collector x1


Cub Warrior x3

Dedicated Cadet x3

Desert Ant x3

Mantidae Warrior x2

Mountain Wolf x5

Rabid Dog x5

Scarab Swarm x3


Changeling Belt x3


Daemonic Calling x2

Fatal Blow x2

Foresight x2

Kakamora Tunnels x2

Lightning Storm x1

Lightning Strike x3

Vanishing Fog x1

Warp Tempest x1

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