Training BotEdit


Farmstead x1

Gray Mountain x1

Kildar Ore Mine x1

Nabreen Woodland x1

Oasis x1

Savanna Grassland x1

Steel Mill x1

Supply Tunnels x1

Windtrap x1


Cleric of the Faith x1

Cub Warrior x1

Dark Fanatic x1

Dedicated Soldier x1

Desert Ant x1

Draga Nomad x1

Fire Merc x1

Forest Swarm x1

Hunter Gatherer x1

Imperial Militia x1

Keebo Soldier x1

Mantidae Warrior x1

Mountain Wolf x1

Nominod x1

Pride Defender x1

Rabid Dog x1

Roaming Spirit x1

Saurian Acolyte x1

Scarab Swarm x1


Decay x1

Despair x1

Elite Fighter x1

Flak Jacket x1

Homeland Armour x1

Wooden Shield x1


Anarchy x1

Daemonic Calling x1

Lightning Strike x1

Rebuild x1

Vanishing x1

Withdraw x1

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